Bespoke Security Doors For Commercial Premises

When you are running a business, security is always a prime concern, and depending on your type of business, a suitable level of security in the doors is essential. Doors are the primary access points of any building, and intruders are very adept at forcing entry, and with that in mind, your doors should be fabricated using steel that is at least 1.5 mm thick, and with a range of locking systems, you can create very secure access solutions.

Security Rating

Steel fabricated security doors come with a rating, which ensures that the unit is of a recognised standard, and with levels 1-6, there will be something suitable, whether you have nothing of significant value or you store gold bullion. Perhaps the most common level would be SR4 security doors, which you would find in government buildings, large companies, and perhaps factory, or office environments.

What to Choose?

The best solution is to make contact with a reputable supplier, who would also manufacture to exact specifications, and if the company is accredited and approves as installers, you can be sure of getting the best advice and a quality installation. Level 1 would cover most small business premises, and although this is the basic level, the 1.5mm thick steel panels can be multi-layered, for added security. Many public buildings would use this type of door, and with a choice of vision panels and vents, you can create the perfect design.

Professional Advice

Approaching a supplier would be the best option, and once they evaluate your business needs, they would recommend an appropriate security level, and can also advise regarding the locking systems. Busy areas might benefit from a biometric system that uses either fingerprints or a retina scan, as this allows only selected people access. With so many possibilities, talking to the experts is the only way to be sure you have optimum security.

Attractive and Functional

Admittedly, the early models of steel security doors were a little on the bulky side, and with only key driven locking, it very much limited your options, yet modern doors are attractive and come in a range of powder coated colours, to match any existing theme. Bespoke creations allow for any size doorway to be accommodated, and you can choose to have a vision panel or ventilation louvres if required.

Mid-Range Solutions

Most businesses are suited to levels 3 or 4 with security doors, and as the units are made to measure, you can be sure of a perfect fit. Large office complexes, government buildings and communal areas would all use mid range security doors, and if there was high value goods involved, it might be better to have level 5 or even 6, to ensure total protection.

Approved and Certified

Typically, the manufacturer and supplier would be one and the same, and with accreditation with the right organisations and many years of hands-on experience, you can be sure of receiving the best quality and service.