Five Types Of Trolleys To Purchase For Your Business

Five Types Of Trolleys To Purchase For Your Business

It is important to use the proper equipment when lifting and moving loads, to protect the safety of your employees and to keep the loads from being damaged. To move packages, boxes or other types of loads efficiently, there are several different types of trolleys that you can use. Here are some of the types of trolleys you can purchase for your business to move both light and heavy loads.

Trolleys To Purchase For Your Business

Table Trolleys

If you need to move small loads, such as packages, in the office, then a table trolley can help you do so easily. Most table trolleys have two flat surfaces connected with a frame and a handle on either side of the platforms. The casters or wheels are able to move on most surfaces, including tiled or carpeted floors, so you can deliver packages anywhere in your building that they need to go.

Mail Trolleys

For large offices, you can use mail trolleys to deliver small packages, letters and documents from your mailroom to individual departments or desks. These trolleys usually have wire baskets and flat shelves to carry large amounts of mail, so multiple trips to and from the mailroom are not needed. They are also good for moving office supplies like boxes of toner or reams of paper to the different departments within your building.

Platform Trolleys

Platform trolleys are useful for moving large packages or heavier loads within your office, the mailroom or the warehouse. A platform trolley is basically a shelf on wheels that is low to the ground so heavy boxes or items don’t have to be lifted very high, and that has handles with which you can push the trolley. They come in varying sizes, so you can purchase lighter weight trolleys for the office or mailroom, or more heavy-duty platform trolleys for moving heavier loads within your warehouse.

Panel Trolleys

If you have large flat products that need to be moved in the warehouse, then panel trolleys can help you get the products from the delivery truck to your shelves. They can be used to move several panels of drywall, doors or large flat boxes with ease. It can be awkward to carry long, flat items, but by using panel trolleys, you can easily move several items at a time in your warehouse or store.

Electric Trolleys

While most of the trolleys you may find for an office or warehouse need to be manually pushed and guided, you can also find battery-powered trolleys to help you move loads. Instead of having to push a heavy load of parts or packages manually, you can simply use the steering mechanism to help guide the trolleys. This helps prevent fatigue and injuries to employees who have to move and stock items all day long.

Trolleys are used in many industries to help move items from place to place. Purchasing the right trolleys for your business can help prevent workplace injuries, which can save your business money because it reduces absenteeism and drops in productivity.

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