Harassment Can Take Varying Forms At Work Today

You should never feel uncomfortable about where you work or live. If you work, you are generally in an office or manufacturing facility at least eight hours each—eight very long hours if you are suffering from any form of harassment. The legal definition of harassment is the systematic or continually annoying behaviour of a group or one person that includes demands or threats. The reasons may vary for the behaviour, but they are usually triggered by prejudice, personal malice or an attempt to force someone to do something against his or her will.

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Most Kinds of Harassment Are Against the Law

Any kind of harassment can be the basis for a lawsuit, especially if it is brought about by discrimination that is based on blackmail, sex, race or revenge. In the workplace, employers are, under the law, obligated to protect their workers. If this does not occur, then a lawsuit may have to be filed. Harassment can fall under the categories of deceptive practices, discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying.

In the instance of bullying, the worker usually receives repeated threats that risk his safety or health. Anyone who is suffering from this type of behaviour needs to contact workplace harassment lawyers immediately so they can receive the legal assistance needed to stop the activity and protect their rights and well-being.

Don’t Wait to Contact an Attorney

On the first of January 2014 in Australia, national anti-bullying laws were instituted that now enable bullied workers to be reinstated or receive some type of monetary compensation. If you feel that a person or people at work are behaving toward you unreasonably, or are creating a safety risk, you need to obtain legal help.

Take Measures to Stand Up for Yourself

Also, if you believe the behaviour is likely to continue unless you act to stop the actions, then you should call a lawyer now. Contacting a law firm that has a successful record in bullying litigation and employment law is the best way to alleviate this type of situation.

Maybe you feel you are the victim of overt discrimination. Then, contact a lawyer without delay. Laws exist throughout Australia that bar discrimination based on protected attributes. These attributes include one’s disability, age, race or sex. Therefore, an employer cannot discriminate against an employee based on any of these protected attributes. An example of discrimination can be demoting or dismissing a worker or subjecting him to a similar detriment because of his age.

Discrimination in the workplace can happen to anyone at any level of an organisation or a company. Lawyers often act on behalf of employees who have experienced discrimination because they were pregnant or because of their sexual orientation, gender, disability or race.

Any type of behaviour from a co-worker, co-workers or manager that makes you feel uncomfortable should be investigated and reviewed. You should never feel uncomfortable about coming to work or making a livelihood. If you do, you need to seek relief through the employment legislation that covers harassment in the workplace.