How To Best Hire A Telehandler

How To Best Hire A Telehandler

A telehandler, also known as a telescopic handler, is a machine derived from the conventional forklift truck. The telehandler, however, has, usually, a boom lift feature that allows for the transport of loads to and from awkward places a standard forklift could not reach.


The telehandler is a specialist industrial piece of machinery that’s available in various forms; with a host of attachments to help overcome the trickiest of transporting jobs.

So, how then to best hire a telehandler?

It makes sense to hire specialist equipment from a specialist company; from a company that holds a wide range of machinery options. Furthermore, the hiring company should have a good track record with many telehandlers for hire and personal recommendations and an established business base.

Certainly, in the case of telehandlers, look for a company with competent, experienced staff who will be able to offer sound advice and make helpful recommendations.

There are a number of online telehandler hiring companies, such as, that have excellent, informative websites.

Furthermore, check out their range of equipment, their trading credentials and their ‘helpfulness’. In fact, it’s a good idea to phone them, or if convenient visit their base. Ask a few questions; you’ll soon get a feel for their authenticity and professionalism.

Look for a company online that offers a follow-up advice service, either via phone or email.

Questions to ask

Explain, in detail, what it is that you require of a telehandler.

  • Ask about equipment reliability, are the machines regularly serviced?
  • Ask about costs and liability in event of the ‘unforeseen’.
  • Is a deposit required? If so how much?
  • Ask about procedures for returning the equipment, including refuelling, washing etc.
  • Has the company a depot near you?
  • Ask to see a copy of a typical contract, then read the small print. Make sure you fully understand the implications of any contract.

Get as much information as you can, a good company will be able to answer all your question, allay all your fears and guide you towards the best machine for your task. Make sure you are clear as to your precise liabilities.

An established, experienced, company will guide you through the procedures in a clear and concise manner.

Your responsibilities

The hiring company will have invested thousands in very expensive, often state of the art machinery. You will be expected to look after the equipment, to treat it with respect and care. Negligence on the hirer’s part could invalidate any insurance agreement and leave that person liable for costs incurred.

Furthermore, no doubt, the hiring company will insist that the operator of the equipment is fully qualified to drive a telehandler. They will probably ask for proof of qualification. Remember, the company will want to minimise the risks of damage to their expensive telehandlers.

In conclusion

A well-presented, professional looking business that’s offering clean, well looked after machinery must rate high upon your ‘trust list’. Furthermore, their helpful guidance, advice and reasonable costs should absolutely clinch the deal!

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