How To Find Your First Design Job

How To Find Your First Design Job

You have decided that a career in graphics design is the way to go, congrats! Getting your first job does not have to be a source of anxiety. Keep in mind that it is not an all or nothing venture. You have probably heard that the wrong choice leads to the wrong path and that noting is worth considering especially when it does not pay a mid-career salary. In addition, you will find individual who will push you to take anything that comes your way regardless of the peanut-payments you get.


As a graphics designer, your first gig acts as an extension of what you studied in school. What you learn from your first job will be the foundation of your professional habits in this career. This is not a prize to be won. Instead it is a relationship that must be cultivated and learn from.

Your first job in a career in graphics design is unlikely to be the job you had in mind when in school. Among the best things about this career path is that regardless of the levels, all designers work in different contexts. For example, you can be working in-house as part of a team. Alone, for another person with their own practice, in partnership with fellow designers, for adverting agencies, a small firm, small design studio, or anything in between. Graphic designers enjoy the benefits of being able to move as they wish between the contexts. It is common for the designers to spend their day in design studio like Issh Path , start a private practice, join advertising agencies, or even collaborate with their friends to start their own ventures.

Job Searching

Searching for these jobs has also changed significantly. There are rare instances where by the employer and the employees know each other. In addition, it may take you several days to sort the high number of listings available online. Similarly, when an employer posts a job on popular job board, they are bombarded with thousands of applications. As a result, applicants are forced to wait for several weeks before getting a reply. With the challenge posed by the search, employers are likely to opt for personal connections just like most prospective employees adding another dimension to the job search. To stand out, applicant must be armed with a strong cover letter, CV, and a rich portfolio of their work. 

Being specific about what you are looking for increases your chances of securing an employment and succeeding a career in graphic designs. In your hunt for the first job, it is common to come across an array of free advice. Unfortunately, most of the advice is from individuals unfamiliar with the graphic design job market. In everything that you do, only seek advice from individuals who are successful in a career in graphic design. These are the best suited individuals to guide you in securing an entry-level job. They are also likely to share their expertise that is worth listening.