Create The Best Employee Newsletter With These Tips

Create The Best Employee Newsletter With These Tips

Employees are the greatest assets of any organisation. No matter how good the business, it cannot achieve its real potential without the support of productive employees. Hence employee welfare is a major aspect to be taken into consideration by management. All these things require extraordinary employee engagement as well.

Newsletters are one of the best ways to make employees stay informed about various activities going on in the company, giving them the privilege to come up with suggestions and opinions regarding work or work life and many more. Obviously there are certain things to be considered when you create such newsletters as they need to convey the matter efficiently to all the employees. Today we are going to share with you a couple of tips that you can count upon to draft effective and interesting newsletters.

Targeting your audience

There is a purpose for every newsletter – to reach the right person and convey the right message. This aspect should always be kept in mind while preparing the content of a newsletter. You need to understand that you are creating this newsletter for the benefit of the audience – your employees. Hence the content in the newsletters should be directed towards issues that affect them. Which means your newsletter should focus on the interests, desires and needs of your employees. If there are diverse departments in your company with differing interests then you can add segmentation to the newsletters.

Use simple language

Since employees are your target, you need to make sure the newsletters don’t make things tough for them. Avoid overly grammatical sentences and heavy words. They might be reading this in between work and hence the sentences should be simple and easy to understand. Use small paragraphs and the flow should be interesting and appear natural. Always write to the point and use catchy and attractive words that attract employee attention.

Make the content engaging and interesting

You should keep in mind that an employee must never be forced to read a newsletter. Rather, the newsletter should be interesting enough to make the employees open and read it on their own. Until and unless you are mentioning a company policy you can resort to using casual language for writing the content. Activities like congratulating well deserved teams for their achievements in newsletters will inspire employees to work more and at the same time read newsletters with interest. Indirectly this will inspire other employees to work more as well. To make the content more interesting and appealing you can add candid photos from company events or parties. Using humor sentences in between will also make the newsletters more interesting to read. Get to know more about this by visiting

Layout and Formats

The layout and format of your newsletter is very important to make it an interesting one to open and read. Things like colors, image to text ratio, use of boxes etc are crucial in making your newsletter appealing to the employees. Hence this should be well planned.

Incorporating more Graphics

We all know that in a busy environment instead of choosing to read a long text we would prefer a video or photo that displays the content in limited time. This logic can be applied to newsletters as well. Rather than completing the newsletters with full on full texts, resort to incorporating more graphics, video or full screen video background to garner employee attention. Important statistics can be represented with the help of eye catching graphics. More photos can be included while mentioning a specific team event or company events.

Deliver newsletters in proper intervals

Sending newsletters every now and then would obviously irritate employees no matter how interesting it is. Also you will not have much new things to share in the newsletter if done that way. Hence you need to correctly analyze at what frequency you should send the newsletters. If they are not sent for a long period of time then your next newsletter would be flooding with content. This can cause the employee to press the delete button rather than reading it. So make sure you prepare one when there are sufficient information to convey to employees.

Feedback forms and surveys

Employee engagement can be effectively carried out by making employees participate in sending their feedback or answering surveys. You can go for contests in newsletters by linking a web form. Surveys are yet another interesting way to improve employee participation. You can conduct a poll for the next tour destination or survey job satisfaction. These are all stuff that interests employees unlike anything else.

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