5 Must-Have Tech Skills In Today’s Digital Job Market

In a rapidly changing world, it’s important to stay on top of the skills that are in demand. Gone are the days of paper and pen. In fact, most companies are trying desperately to lower costs and eradicate as much paper as possible. We’ve surpassed the days when typing and word processing were sufficient computer skills too. Now, more sophisticated tech skills are needed to land that job. Here are five must-have tech skills in today’s digital job market:

Digital Job Market

  1. Coding

Coding is the language of the 21st century. When you learn coding, it allows you to build something from nothing, to realize concepts, and to see the world in a more detailed, strategic way. In fact, according to The Oxford Martin Institute, 47% of jobs which exist today are considered to be at a “high risk” of being replaced by machines in less than ten years. 47% and who better to create the code to do the job than the expert already doing it?  You can even pick this skill up in as little as 15 hours a week at places like the San Antonio Coding Academy.

  1. Data Analysis

Sure you can build an awesome spreadsheet, complete with charts and graphs, but what can you do with that data once you have it? Do you know how to leverage all that neatly compiled information into an understanding of trends, better marketing, or a solution to a longstanding problem?

  1. Troubleshooting

How many times have you put in a frustrated  IT ticket, only to watch your tech colleague come and fix it with the flick of a wrist? Have you thought, “Hey, I could’ve done that!”? This is where learning to troubleshoot comes in. Understanding basic troubleshooting steps saves time and money, allowing your tech team to focus on larger problems. The best part is that this skill can be picked up online for free!

  1. Quick, Efficient Navigation

Hunting and pecking through your computer just isn’t going to cut it these days. Understanding how to navigate different email programs and shared drives is imperative! You should also know how to save yourself time and unnecessary effort by utilizing keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Data Security

Last but far from least, in fact, probably the most important skill to master is understanding data security! How many times a day do you hear about companies being hacked or individuals having their entire identities stolen? Data security means understanding how to protect secure information, utilize encryptions, and recognizing phishing and scam emails. Failure to master this skill can mean huge financial and reputation losses for a company and your career.

So, how prepared are you for today’s digital job market? If the answer is “not so much,” just remember that there are plenty of resources at your fingertips to help you master these skills or if you are already a prepared professional, to help you stay on the cutting edge of these skills. Whatever your current level, it is never too late to get started add a little technical sparkle to your resume!