Dubai Trade Center To Be Ideal UAE World Expo Venue

Dubai Trade Center To Be Ideal UAE World Expo Venue

The UAE are putting forward a bid for the 2020 World Expo and, if chosen, it has already been decided that the Dubai Trade Center – Jebel Ali will be the venue for the event. If Dubai have success as the candidate city, it will blow all previous Dubai exhibitions out of the water, with millions of visitors from across the globe expected during the six month hosting period. The World Expo is the globe’s most renowned cultural, social and scientific celebration where innovators and forward-thinkers come together to discuss advancements for the future. If the UAE is selected as a host country, it will be the first time that exhibition has been held in the MENASA region as a whole.

2020 World Expo

The Dubai Trade Center will make the ideal venue for numerous reasons; its 438 hectare site and excellent conferencing/exhibition facilities are just one. The logistical benefits of the Dubai Trade Center – Jebel Ali are also clear, being an equal distance from the centre of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and being located nearby the Jebel Ali port and the Al Makhoum International airport.

It is thought that the venue would become a working monument to collaboration if it is used for the World Expo. The event has always been an important meeting point for individuals, organisations and countries to come together however it is the UAE’s theme that will really encourage connected thinking – the UAE World Expo bid 2020 theme is: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.

In addition to the proposed theme, the UAE committee have put together three further subthemes for exhibitors and visitors to focus on. These are: the sustainability of energy and water across the world, the global opportunities for economic growth and the need for more integrated global transport and logistics systems. Despite these themes, there are no real restrictions when it comes to discussing world advancements. The World Expo is a brilliant opportunity to tackle many other issues of international importance, from poverty and the economic crisis, to transnational tensions and unemployment.

Does the UAE 2020 World Bid for world connectivity connect with you? In today’s society all our global problems are highly interrelated which means it’s never been so important to work together, forming new partnerships for progression and a peaceful future.

Show your support for this cause by becoming backing the bid online. At this stage the UAE just want members of the public to share their message with anyone they can! Become an official Dubai World Bid 2020 Facebook supporter and join in the discussion on Twitter @DubaiExpo2020. Notable supporters who are already backing the Dubai bid include Microsoft giant Bill Gates and Former US President Bill Clinton. Make your opinion heard and see the Dubai Trade Center –  Jebel Ali welcome one of the world’s most prestigious events!

The World Exposition is the world’s most important cultural event, bringing together millions of visitors under one roof during a six month period. Visit the official UAE Dubai Expo 2020 website to show your support for the bid now and bring the world fair to the region for the first time – this will be the most unforgettable of Dubai Exhibitions.

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