Smart Ways To Get Your Sales Team Pulling In The Same Direction

Smart Ways To Get Your Sales Team Pulling In The Same Direction

Having a big sales team should mean that you can make plenty of sales. However, what if they are all currently pulling in different directions?

Thankfully, there are some smart ways of getting your sale sales pulling in the same direction and getting more sales than ever before. Some of the following ideas are incredibly simple yet could make a huge difference to your efforts instantly.

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Hold a Team Building Event

Could it be that your team simply don’t understand what is expected of them yet? Or maybe they don’t know each other well enough to feel comfortable working a strong, united team?

Holding a team building event can be a wonderful way of letting everyone in the company see what is expected of them while also building some stronger relationships at the same time. This could be a day out doing something fun or it could be a more formal meeting based event if you prefer.

If you aren’t sure what current issues you need to address then you might want to consider using a field marketing company to help you to get to the heart of the matter. Once you have done this it will be clearer to you what exact issues need to be covered.

Use Mystery Shopper Services

You might also see that something is holding back your sales drive that you can’t quite put your finger on. Are people straying from the script or are they not putting enough effort into get the sales closed each time?

There are a number of different possibilities here and it is vital that you try and work out what the situation is. To do this, you could get started with the help of a mystery shopping agency who can find out what the sales experience is really like.

They will help you to see from the customer’s point of view where the sales process is breaking down and how it can be improved from now on. With this starting point it will be a lot easier to work out how to move forwards.

Lead By Example

Another point worth considering is that you might need to lead by example more. Perhaps your sales team have lost faith in the product and believe that it is something that they simply can’t sell.

In this case, you can roll up your sleeves and show them how it is done. This might not be easy but it will be a terrific feeling of satisfaction you achieve if you manage to turn things around.

This can also be a clever way to get the team pulling together by showing them that you are all in it together. Of course, if you can’t get many sales either then it could go to prove that there is a deeper problem that needs to be solved.

Offer Useful Incentives

Giving useful incentives can be a terrific way of motivating and inspiring sales staff to do a better job. You might find that giving them a reason to go the extra mile is exactly what is needed for the overall team performance to go up a notch or two.

Of course, everyone needs some extra money but you might also want to consider other incentives such as gifts or a holiday. If you can get people really excited about the challenge of selling then you are halfway to success.

To get started you need to work out your sums correctly and be sure that the incentives you offer are viable. You certainly don’t want to end up having to pay out more in bonuses or gifts than you earn due to the extra sales.

Ask Them What They Need

Have you considered the idea of simply asking the sales team what they need from you? It is entirely possible that they already have a clear idea of what would help them to sell more.

As well as gaining some useful ideas, this is also a good approach for making the team feel as though they are genuinely involved in moving the business forward. Rather than run the risk of having them feel that you are taking them for granted you will get them on your side in this way.  

Maybe holding a workshop will help you to draw out some useful ideas that you can use in the future. You certainly won’t lose anything by giving this approach a try.

Once you have everyone in your sales team pulling in the same direction you should start to see some real benefits of this approach.


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