Learn How To Receive Postal Mail Online

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your postal mail on your phone without needing to leave the comfort of home? You regularly check your email, and are easily able to sort, print, or delete any piece of email so why not postal mail? Paper mail needs to constantly be shredded and recycled which takes up time and effort.

And let’s be honest, you don’t really shred every mail piece that needs to be shredded before recycling which only puts your identity in danger. Even when you do remember to shred sensitive mail, how reliable can we really be on current shredding and recycling machines? In this review, we look into PostScan Mail and how this app helps you control your mail electronically in a quick and efficient way, with no need for paper.

They presents you with realistic solutions to all postal problems related to your Post Office, mailbox and even the mailroom in your business. It’s ideal for individuals, families, or businesses of all sizes.

What is PostScan Mail and how can it help you with your paper problem?

With all the “paperless” efforts businesses are making these days, the flow of paper mail is still very high. Legal documents, bills, customer mail and more come in on a daily basis. And for individuals, if it’s not the newspaper then it’s bills, statements, or junk mail. Getting rid of paper mail never seems to happen as fast as it arrives.

Not only does it clutter your office or home space but it also leads to misplacement of important documents like contracts, bank statements or anything else. This can do serious damage to your businesses reputation because mail should be treated with care and
confidentiality. They allows you to control your mail digitally so that you never lose an important mail piece again.

Who benefits most from a product like this?

Businesses, groups and individuals alike would benefit from this product. Whether you’re a student, expat, business owner, organization, or family, there is something here for you. Its variety of features is assured to reach a wide range of potential clients. A huge common factor between all customers is the service’s simplicity. The only pickle would probably be signing up because U.S Postal Services require you to fill out a consent form. This is to make sure no one messes with your mail or receives it without your approval. You then need to notarize it and apply with two forms of ID.

How does PostScan Mail help with your postal dilemmas?

Even though you receive most of your important mail online, or through email, you still receive a good share of mail on a weekly basis. It can be junk mail, magazines, catalogs or anything else. Consuming all this paper takes a toll on the environment and needs to come to an end. They helps you do this. Your mail is sent directly to their secure facilities, it’s scanned and uploaded online digitally then you can easily access it through your computer or smartphone and decide what to do with it.

You have many options to choose from, you can have mail or packages forwarded to you, keep them stored at PostScan Mail’s storage spaces, shred or recycle any mail piece for extra security or you can download and print it. You will always have a digital copy of your mail with you. With just a few clicks you can sort your mail and send out mail requests for certified mail operators to take care of it. You send out the commands and the rest just follows.

The Basics: What does it look like?

The website appears to be welcoming and professional. You can easily navigate through the pages with simple and clear content that’s easy to understand.

Most importantly, it’s informative. You’ll not only find all you need to know about mail scanning services but also details on all their services. There is a clear display of the app’s features and advantages for individuals and businesses.

The consent form will merely take a few minutes to fill out with the help of PostScan Mail guiding you through it with easy steps. Once finished, print it out and with two forms of ID, take it down to your local Post Office.

When your account is set up, you can start receiving your mail online regularly, easily sort and control it. You will never have to deal with paper mail again.

The Good and the Bad about PostScan Mail:


There are many advantages to using this service for both individuals and businesses. It saves money wasted on shipping or postal fees; saves time consumed on sorting through mail, and can finally offer a solution to the growing problem of paper usage.

The clear disadvantage would be the limited number of facilities nationwide in comparison to PostScan Mail’s big responsibilities and customer demand. The faster the service spread, the more locations will be needed. This is definitely a service to keep in check as it evolves to meet
customer needs.

Pricing: Is it in your budget?

Surprisingly, the service is offered for a conveniently low price in exchange for all its advanced features. The starter package starts as low as $14.95 per month, a price that can easily fit into any low budget. When looking for a good service, we want something with an even better price. PostScan Mail gives you that; it cuts out some minor features in other programs in favor of convenient distance and leads. This only increases the audience towards this particular service, taking advantage of it.

Is it right for you?

If you want to get rid of paper clutter, free up some time in your schedule or need a mailroom solution for your business then this is for you. Now is the time to look into ways to advance your business by taking advantage of the latest technology. Whether you run a small, medium or large business, a virtual mailroom can do wonders for you and definitely get rid of paper piles
that never end.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 4/5