Points You Must Consider About Verizon Stocks

Points You Must Consider About Verizon Stocks

Are you considering Verizon Stocks as the newest inclusion to your portfolio? Before such an addition, it is absolutely necessary to (a) know the methods of evaluating a stock, and (b) decide if the stocks are performing in a manner that suits one’s financial needs.  A number of coaching apps are available online and one can advance their stock market skills by investing just a little amount of time.

Verizon Stocks

A familiar name in the mobile industry, Verizon is almost in the same league as AT&T. It is pretty easy to be attracted by a particular brand name and blindly assume that it is the correct choice without going into sufficient research, while investing in stocks. This is not advisable. One must research for investment suggestions and advices from a wide range of sources prior to making a decision.

Things One Must Consider about Verizon Stocks:


  1. Verizon has been seeing steady increases in its stock prices, since 2009.
  1. Verizon is not just a mobile phone company. It also offers cable-alternative TV and internet services, both being constantly growing industries. Verizon’s cell phone services, in itself, have an impressive potential for growth as increasing number of users want to enjoy the advantages of mobile communications. Verizon, lately, has also divested itself to extend its Eastern footprints in wireless mobile communications.
  1. Verizon has been expanding its menu of choices in order to respond to the enhanced need for data services. It aims to satisfy the changing requirements of consumers, comprising their recent roll-over data venture.
  1. Verizon has been demonstrating consistent and regular increase in dividends, since 2009. Such consistent dividends enhance the prospective yield-seeking retail investor domain for Verizon. Verizon has a proud history of responding to the constantly-changing technologies. For example, when AT&T was only offering 4G LTE service in around 40 markets, Verizon offered it in almost 400 markets!


Despite an impressive past record, the churn rate for Verizon was projected to multiply, the churn rate being the rate at which consumers terminate their cell phone service or change over to a different company for service.

While evaluating the stocks of a company, consumer behavior is a principal indicator over and above financial forecasts. One must keep researching before rushing out and diving into Verizon. The prospective consumers must remember to look at the wider scenario which would require them to examine past trends and evaluate the trend forecasts from a number of different sources.