Simple Ways To Reduce Office Expenses

Simple Ways To Reduce Office Expenses

You could end up saving a good deal of money by cutting some office expenses here and there. Even the smaller expenses really start to add up over time. The good news is that you don’t have to actually strip the office bare in order to run a profitable operation.


Here are some simple, yet effective ways to cut down on office costs:

Use energy-efficient lighting –According to, lighting accounts for anywhere from 20% to 50% of electricity consumption, depending on what kind of organization you are running. There are a variety of energy-efficient bulbs and lighting systems to choose from, but even the smallest upgrade can generate some impressive results. For instance, new energy-saving incandescents provide 25% energy savings over traditional incandescent bulbs. LED lighting is also a popular choice.

Look for more affordable heating and cooling options – Aim for more green efficiency if possible. If you have a large office and can’t afford to invest into a new system, consider raising or dropping the temperature by just a degree or two at a time until you are able to find a middle ground for your employees. Monitor the thermostat to make sure nobody tries to change it.

Reduce as much paper as possible – All types of data can be stored on the cloud these days. Paper is becoming obsolete in office buildings, yet businesses are still buying a lot more of it than they need. While you should still keep some around just in case you ever do need hard copies of important information, start making the transition to full digitalization.

Get rid of outdated equipment – When you are using less paper you can get rid of the printers too while you’re at it. Get rid of the old, bulky ones and just keep two or three compact models. There’s no need to hang on to a stockpile of cartridges, either. With fewer machines running, energy costs are reduced even more. You might even be able to sell some of the equipment and supplies. Oh, and don’t forget the phones. Explore VOIP services. Use programs like Skype if you’re not already doing so. As PCMag puts it: “who needs office landlines when you can sign up for a VOIP serve at a fraction of the cost?”

Negotiate with office supply vendor – For the supplies and equipment you do need to keep, ask the vendor if they are offering any sort of discounts. Try to negotiate a deal, whether it’s cheaper shipping or wholesale discount.

Consolidate space – Consolidation can be accomplished in a number of ways: by getting rid of old equipment, replacing large pieces of furniture with modern, compact furniture, selling or bartering items in storage that will serve no purpose, etc. Freeing up space can help you save a lot of money since you can sub-lease or sell the space your company will no longer need.

Cutting office costs isn’t something that you can do overnight. It might take some to start noticing the savings. If you want to learn more about corporate trade opportunities for unused space or equipment, is a great place to start.

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