The Power Of Branded Bags For Businesses

The Power Of Branded Bags For Businesses

Carrier bags are often thought of nothing more than a necessary container that customers can use to take your products home, however what if we told you that they can prove to be incredibly valuable marketing tools as well. Helping to boost your brand awareness, they can have a significant effect on your business’s revenue, return and mass appeal.  Find out exactly how below, as we explain the power of printed carrier bags for businesses.

Brand Awareness

Tactile marketing items are now more than ever crucial to a business’s expansion as a brand. Obsolete techniques from the past like billboards, TV advertisements and print promotions, unfortunately no longer cut it, as evidenced by a recent report published by the Promotional Products International Association (PPIA).

Which found that 88% of people were more likely to remember a company if they had received a promotional gift, like a printed carrier bag, from them. That same study revealed that 80% of those people also remembered the printed message on the complimentary item that they received.

Thereby underlining how printed carrier bags can boost your business’s brand awareness.


As well as helping your business to boost its brand exposure, printed carrier bags are remarkably affordable, so they can prevent your company from expending additional costs on other more extortionate marketing tactics, thus helping to boost a company’s overall revenue.

With biodegradable promotional carrier bags available for as a little as 10p per individual product and samples starting at just 2p, you’ll be able to create a tangible marketing campaign for little to no expenditure.


Thanks to printed carrier bags’ reusability, they can aid your brand in receiving a substantial amount of public exposure for a significant amount of time, thereby supplying a worthy return on your original investment.

With the advent of the plastic bag 10p levy, more and more people are beginning to opt for re-useable options, meaning there’s a large enough audience who would be more than willing to either receive or purchase a printed carrier bag from your business.

What’s more with the average consumer holding onto a promotional bag they receive for well over 6 months, your brand’s logo or slogan will be seen by a multitude of prospective customers, therefore supplying your business with prolonged publicity.   

Mass Appeal

The final power that branded carrier bags possess that can be utilised for businesses is the fact that their demographic is not limited to a single audience, gender, age or class, everyone can make use of them, which makes them incredibly useful marketing tools.  

Unlike the traditional printed promotions found in magazines or newspapers, or modern marketing ploys like tailored ads on Facebook or Google, every single person in the UK and beyond needs something to carry their extra items around in. So when you offer branded bags, your business will be able to attract people from all walks of life, boosting its mass appeal.  

Hopefully this blog has gone some way to helping you understand the power of branded bags for businesses and that should you ever produce your own, that you take our guide into account.

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