Why Having Corporate Development Programs In Businesses Is Must?

Why Having Corporate Development Programs In Businesses Is Must?

The world of corporate development is vaster than one can even imagine of, and it includes markets, companies, employees and industries which are varied in nature. Although the paths lying ahead of the decision maker is numerous, but it doesn’t imply that it is impossible to determine which exactly the best path to take is. The most important task lies in the very act of convincing the decision makers that this is ground of business that’s worthy of investment. In order to do that, it is really important for the business owner to look at the various seen and unseen benefits that corporate development brings on the table for the board of directors.


Steven Rindner, the business head of Besins Healthcare International, a Belgium based pharmaceutical company has got the experience of working as the business head and corporate development executive with a broad background in business development across a number of industries including media, technology, real estate services, and healthcare. Being the head of the company’s business executives, he has launched and developed the company’s nutrition business through development of numerous distribution channels, significant partnerships with media and marketing companies, and the effective execution of online strategies. While discussing some of the benefits of corporate development he agrees to the fact that these benefits are real and seen, but it depends on the owner of the business whether he can identify it or not.

Most importantly, it is the task of the business to identify the image that the corporate development can bring to the company. Most of the companies do the blunder of curbing down the training cost, but those who realize the value of it and have been successful are found to abide by this training. Even the top talents in the market are keen to know whether the companies that they’re joining really give any value to the training in corporate development that they’ve had. The key to make things work is to find out the problems at all angles. There are some ongoing programs or the other in a company, but it needs to be verified whether these training programs come to any use of the company or not.

Apart from this, there are some unseen benefits of attaining the corporate development programs as well. When the employees of the company find new training programs of high standards are being rolled out for them, they feel their importance in the market and the retention automatically goes up by a great level. Whenever an employee leaves a company, the decision is never taken in a fluke, there are multiple factors that they consider and have thorough check of his/her stay in the company.

Before joining Besins, Mr. Steven Rindner was the practice director for Perfect Sense Digital, where he developed and executed business strategies for clients including The Chronicle of Higher Education, VetStreet, and Besins Healthcare. So his experience says that challenge is something that is intangible and cannot be dealt with successfully at every attempt. While it may seem that the company does all to put forward challenges in front of the employees, the employee group is never satisfied with it. This happens because the employees are not just a mere group with matching interests across the board; they’re rather individuals with personal likes and dislikes.

So while engaging the employees in new training programs, it is essential for the business heads to business objectives and the future goals of the corporation. One will be really surprise to find the insights that an established company in the corporate development niche has got to offer and how the broken pieces are joined together in a puzzle to make it a complete whole.

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