Why You Need Live Scan?

Livescan is done to make a print of your fingers. This process is performed by the device which is similar to the printer. Basically, this fingerprinter scans our fingers and then make a picture. This picture is sent to the computer or the connected operating system (OS) to perform the necessary task. This is the process of live scan and this process of scanning was being introduced in 1989. However why you need to do the live scan and what are the aspects which influence to live scanning are being discussed in this article.


Why do you need of live scan?

Basically to make your identity and to keep a record of your personality live scan is performed. This is such like an identity or an important concern which empowers your identity card too. When you will perform the live scan then this will be preserved or submitted to the relevant department.

But whenever you will perform the live scan then this will be secured according to the department of Justice rules. Due to the rules and regulations of the justice department, no other department and agency will have right to get a copy of your fingerprints. Therefore, whenever the agencies have required your fingerprint then you will have to make it again. For instance, when you will make a live scan in Los Angeles then this would be saved to the relevant authoritative department where you performed it.

When are you getting employed?

When you want a job or you are going to take a new job then after the fulfilment of other stuff more important concern is your live scan. You will have to provide the fingerprints of yourself in order to get the job. Because this is included in the requirement of any job which you hold in America . But keep in mind that due to the privacy concerns your previous fingerprints will not work here. You have to make prints again.

Why FBI required your fingerprints?

When we talk about the FBI or the department of justice then they also need your livescan. When you come through the reason that why they are looking for this, then you will meet with the following details.

Basically, these departments want to have your prints because they have to match your record with the data they already have. The purpose of FBI or other agencies is to clarify your record by matching it with criminals record they have. They can easily find out that either you are criminal and lead to the guilty or you are innocent.

What you need for livescan?

When you are going to make the livescan happened then you are required to hold two things before you move on. These things are being illustrated as follows:

  1. The form for live scan process.
  2. Your ID card.

You have to hold these two credentials while you want a print. But before you move on further you must check the FBI approval. If the live scan centre has got the FBI approval then you can rely on this otherwise look for the nearest live scans locations. You should get a live scan from the FBI approved centre otherwise there would not be any validity.

So, these are some places and reasons which describe the need of live scan. In short, you need to submit a live scan whenever you need to move to a new place or agencies required from you.