How To Manage Your Employees Effectively ?

When you are wearing the shoes of a top management you have to tweak and nurture your leadership skill that is a core part to accomplish the major tasks in this level of hierarchy. An effective leader will be able to motivate the workforce to maintain consistency in performance while infusing the drive to achieve and advance in the appropriate career path cultivating loyalty among employees to their seniors and towards the organization. It might appear to be an intimidating task, however, if you develop the right approach setting your priorities straight then it is easy to achieve.

Manage Your Employees Effectively

By imbibing the necessary values and qualities, you will be able to make continuous improvement in the productivity of your department. It will also minimize employee turnover by ensuring them a sense of security and dedication towards their tasks and responsibilities inculcating a positive energy in the work environment.

So if you are making your way to the top of the organization and aspiring for a VP Engineering job or those of a CEO or even a VP marketing then you have to acuminate in the following areas, making them a part of your professional life.

  • Effective communication with a dash of intelligence: Managers make a blunder by sneering at their employees and commanding them that instills fear in their minds. The seniors might think this to be a success indicator of their powerful position. What it actually leads to is an apathetic and annoyed workforce. Instead of constant rebuke it is more effective if you reinforce.

You should spend time with each and every employee in your workforce communicating with them the goals and visions of the organizations and understanding how they wish to contribute towards the growth. You need to align your management style with each employee without expecting them to adapt to yours. It is necessary to deal firmly with few in the workforce though you cannot afford to disrespect them. However, most of the time it is your calm and pleasant tone and congenial personality that will extract most of the work.

You need to come clear about the organization’s needs and policies. Avoid beating around the bush and be straightforward as much as needed. You need to communicate a crisis situation efficiently and what are your expectations from the employees.

  • Take accountability: Mistakes should be accepted and accounted for irrespective of who has committed it- your employees or you. Own up when you have made a mistake and do not put the blame on your employees.

Accepting your own mistake will make you more credible and trustworthy among your employees.  They will value you more and you will be an individual respected by them all. Once you have admitted your mistake take an active part in correcting it as well through effort and smart work without leaving a scope for it getting repeated.

  • Manage conflict efficaciously: In crisis situations, for instance, employees projecting weak performance or in case of inter-office squabble you need to confront your staff solving it harmoniously. You need to set some restrictions within the workplace. If you find it difficult to manage all by yourself then hire someone exclusively for handling grievances and issues at the workplace to assist you through.
  • Use reinforcement and appreciation: If your organization has bagged a project or if the sales figures have shot up more than what was expected then do not take the credit alone. Acknowledge the effort of your team and everyone who was behind this successful event. A pat on the back, words of praise or a small reward does the job and it will keep your employees motivated to produce more good work. You can also bestow the employee of the month with some exclusive gifts or a small holiday package or celebrate their hard work by organizing a special event. Creating such a strong bond will help you to reap great benefits.
  • Understand when and what to speak:You need to be tactful while you are communicating with your employees. You need to give your opinion during the confrontation in a manner that does not instigate the situation. There is an appropriate time to speak to your employees and you have to understand that. Being in the senior management, say in a VP position you can give in to petty politics happening in the office. You have to take control of all these situations so that you can preserve the trust of your employees. You need to maintain an ‘open door policy’ so that employees feel comfortable to approach you with any of their issues.

You will be able to manage your employees well and in the right grounds once you are proficient with all of the above skills. A high degree of maturity and poise is required to when you stand in the position of a leader. You need to consider every scenario objectively developing a holistic working environment.