8 Tools Every Small Business Should Have

8 Tools Every Small Business Should Have

The small business tools that you choose are crucial to your success. After all, the tools you use help you streamline your business processes, which saves you time and money in the long run. If you’re having a hard time choosing the right tools to run your business, check these options out.


If you use Gmail and you’re looking for a great email management tool, then Evernote might be just what you need. Their email integration is a solution for organizing and sorting emails. It can also sync and share email across a multitude of devices and with multiple users. 


Moz is a suite of online marketing content and tools. Along with tools for SEO, it offers a vast array of content, services, and products for online marketing professionals. Use Moz to track your website’s search engine ranking and analyze your competition’s results to discover new keywords and optimization tactics to improve your site.


Face it. Every small business owner needs help with budgeting, especially when they are in the start-up phase of their journey. While Mint is marketed as a personal budgeting app, its features are robust enough for small business owners and freelancers to use to plan concrete business budgets. Also, it’s owned by Intuit, the creators of QuickBooks and TurboTax. Because of this, you can import the transactions logged into Mint to your QuickBooks account to make reconciling your books at the end of the month simple.


When it comes to business tips that you may not have heard of, managing your calendar might be one of them. For that, you need a tool like ScheduleOnce. This is an integrated and online scheduling tool for appointments — and it’s free. This tool syncs to your Google Calendar and allows you to block off whatever times each week you need for meetings. If you need more features, the Premium version does offer more, and it starts at only $5 each month. It includes things like emails to remind you about meetings and multiple options for calendars. 


When it comes to meetings and communication, Skype is a great choice. With Skype you get free video and voice calls. It’s owned by Microsoft and is the industry leader when it comes to VoIP calling. This is a tool that millions of people use on a daily basis to communicate with other entrepreneurs, podcast guests, contractors, and team members. If you want to pay for the premium features, they include screen sharing and calling cell phones and landlines.


PicMonkey is an online tool for editing images. It’s simple to use and assists with making fun graphics for social media and blog posts that are shareable. They do offer a few premium features too for the low price of $33 per year. This includes different fonts among other features. 


Scrivener one is an online word processor for writers. It makes it simple to map, create outlines, do research, compose, and then edit longer projects. Most writing doesn’t happen in a linear fashion, so the more traditional programs, like Word, for word processing, make the longer projects more difficult. Scrivener does just the opposite.


GumRoad is shopping cart software that processes online payments for digital products. It’s simple to install on any site. Its feel and appearance promote checkout processes that are high converting. Also, it can automate delivery of digital goods while supporting pay as you go pricing. It’s free to set up and charges a small percentage per transaction for use.

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