Are You Holding A Big Tech Conference?

Are You Holding A Big Tech Conference?

While some business conferences are held online in Bangkok, other events, such as those related to technology, take on a whole new persona. That is because they need to be held in a tech-friendly environment. By holding a tech event in a state-of-the-art facility, you can extend your reach to your customers.

Getting Along Better with Customers

That is why the choice of a tech event venue in Bangkok is important to your company’s bottom line and customer relations. Use the venue to network on a campus that will impress and address your product presentation needs. Event spaces designed for tech gatherings are made for multifunctional and multipurpose use. Therefore, you can also hold business discussions or even concerts in these types of facilities.

Standard Amenities

If you wish to rent an auditorium in Bangkok that is tech-friendly, you will need to find one that is fully furnished and configured in a double-deck design. Use a facility that offers the following standard amenities:

  • Free WiFi
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Preparation room
  • In-house lighting and sound
  • LCD projector
  • Flipcharts for presentations when requested

How Many People Will Be Attending Your Conference or Gathering?

When choosing an event site, you also need to find out how many people will be attending. Ask how many people the auditorium holds. In many venues, these types of auditoriums can hold over 400 people in an auditorium measuring about 1970 square feet.

How About a Foyer Space?

If you are holding a more casual gathering, you may want to consider a space such as a foyer. This type of space represents an open or multipurpose platform that fits various types of events. With this space, you receive free WiFi, a portable audio system, flipcharts if needed, and portable LCD displays. This type of space holds up to 200 people.

This type of space combines a relaxed environment with casual atmosphere. You can rent this type of space in Bangkok by itself or as an additional area if you rent an auditorium. Another informal space that you may want to consider is townhall meeting type of area.

Will You Be Having a Group Discussion?

A townhall space offers a multi-level seating arrangement and presentation area that is ideal for group discussions, business meetings, and presentations. This open-plan arrangement includes an LCD projector, free WiFi, flipcharts if required, and a standard lighting and audio system. This type of meeting is also wheelchair accessible. This type of meeting facility generally holds up to 150 people.

A Workshop Room for Seminars

A workshop room is yet another type of meeting space that can be used for meetings, workshops (thus the name for the room), training sessions, and meetings. You can reserve and rent this type of space with in-house lighting and sound, a state-of-the-art LCD projector, free WiFi, and flipcharts as required.

To make an inquiry about an event space in Bangkok, go online and insert your contact details. Include your mobile number, business name, and event name. Include some details about the event and add the projected number of participants. You will also need to include the dates of the event. By providing this information, your venue representative can find just the right event space. Ask questions to make the best choice.

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