Boosting Productivity With Office Furniture

Boosting Productivity With Office Furniture

Of all the resources at your business, your human resources are by far the most important. Your employees are the fuel that drives your business forward and makes it the best it can be. If you’re a business owner or a business manager, you expect the very best from your employees. That is not a one-way street; your employees also expect the best from you. They trust you to do everything possible to make them as comfortable as possible and to encourage the very best from them. If you can make your employees feel secure, physically and psychologically, you will be able to boost their productivity. Boosting productivity amongst your staff will ultimately boost your business revenues.


Furniture Effect

The effect of furniture on your employees cannot be underestimated. If your employees are physically comfortable in their workspace, they will be more likely to work for longer periods of uninterrupted time. They will also be able to focus better. For example, if an employee is sitting in an uncomfortable chair, he or she will be more likely to take longer and more frequent breaks to stand, stretch, and walk around. While that is certainly that person’s right, it is not very conducive to extended productivity. A comfortable office chair can make all the difference. A truly comfortable chair is much more than a matter of adequate cushioning.

The human body is not made of straight lines; though the spine is often thought of as straight, it is actually curved. A good ergonomically-designed chair will conform to the spine so that the employee can sit with well supported posture.

On a psychological level, providing quality chairs to your employees instils in them the sense that you have their best interests at heart. Employees who think that you care about them and their comfort will be more motivated to produce quality work.

Standing Breaks

Research has shown that standing up is also important throughout the course of a workday. If you sit for eight hours each day without interruption, you can actually endanger your health. Standing breaks are a great way to beat the monotony and mitigate the effects of sitting for lengthy periods of time. You can encourage standing in many different ways. A standing desk is a great way to break up the tediousness of sitting in a chair all day. A standing desk can be an adjustable-height desk or a permanent standing workstation.

Most employees don’t want to stand for eight hours every day, so installing adjustable desks in their offices is a great way to encourage them to stand up regularly. Also, you can install permanent standing desks in common areas such as copiers and meeting rooms. That will encourage them to stand for short periods of time while they are doing other tasks. Research has shown that standing for short periods of time is enough to reduce the negative effects of sitting.

Employees who feel comfortable and feel appreciated are much more productive than uncomfortable ones. Investing in great chairs and desks is an investment in your staff and your business.

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