Cohesive Coworking – A Guide To Coworking Etiquette In Hong Kong

Cohesive Coworking – A Guide To Coworking Etiquette In Hong Kong

Successfully integrating into a new cultural environment always takes a bit of time and patience. If you are new to the Hong Kong business world, you are likely unfamiliar with some of the idiosyncrasies and nuances that locals take for granted. On top of that, if you are a freelancer or flexible worker who is eager to use a premium coworking space in Hong Kong, then you may need to adjust to the dynamics of these spaces as well.  

If balancing all these tasks seems daunting, fear not. Here we have put together an introductory guide to coworking etiquette in Hong Kong. Following the tips and advice laid out here will allow you to put your best foot forward and get down to work right away in your new working environment. 

Let’s take a closer look at some etiquette points to keep in mind when coworking in Hong Kong. 

Business Basics 

If you are using a coworking space in Hong Kong, you are likely running a flexible or freelance business in the city. As such, you will need to know the ins-and-outs of business culture to get by effectively in your coworking space. 

Hong Kong locals, like many in Asian cultures, hold a concept known as “face” in high regard. “Face” loosely refers to your social reputation and maintaining a positive one is of the utmost importance. If you suffer a blow to your reputation, locals may be reluctant to do business with you. Always keep your word in business and only undertake actions with sincerity. Avoid humiliating your colleagues in any way and always aim to show respect to everyone. 

When meeting new coworkers in your coworking space, or in business life in general, give a light handshake. Be ready to exchange business cards at a rapid pace, and make sure that one side of your card is printed with a Chinese translation. While most business people in the city will be comfortable with English, some may not be. 

Being Cultured In A Coworking Space 

While some of Hong Kong’s nuances may be specific to that city, some general coworking etiquette principles apply no matter where you are in the world.  

In terms of getting down to business, make sure to keep your noise to a minimum in working areas. These are shared areas after all, and your colleagues are just as eager to work hard towards success as you are. Silence is also a virtue and a means of communication in Hong Kong. Make sure to avoid phone calls in these areas and try not to bang around or be too noisy with your working habits in general. Save your crunchy snacks and client meetings for the lounge areas. 

Make sure to practice good personal hygiene and clean up after yourself in the coworking space. You can be sure that having a reputation for being messy will significantly damage your face with your colleagues and may cause you to lose respect. 

It is also important to respect the personal boundaries of people in your coworking space. Make sure not to disturb those who you do not know well with excessive requests or questions. Try not to overuse shared areas or equipment as there are likely other people waiting to use them. Simply being aware of others is a great way to avoid making any faux pas. 

Etiquette Is Easy 

Your common sense applied towards being considerate of your fellow coworkers will take you far. Above all, enjoy the opportunity to work alongside dynamic and motivated people in Hong Kong. Keep an open mind and be friendly to each person you encounter. This will give you the best chance of integrating into your new working environment with ease. 

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