Choosing The Right Industrial Fume Extraction System

Choosing The Right Industrial Fume Extraction System

There are different industrial ways that have the capacity to generate dangerous fumes and dust. Typically, any procedure that is aimed towards altering a material physically in any way comes with the potential of producing harmful fumes. Welding fumes is an issue that is high on the agenda of all those companies that are into welding, gluing and painting. There are airborne residues created by paint fumes, welding fumes and solvents that can be very dangerous. These can cause conditions like runny nose, watery eyes, breathlessness and tight chests to be more serious conditions. These fumes can also have serious effects on the central nervous system. Therefore, extracting welding fumes systems is a necessity for businesses and companies. But, how do business owners go about choosing the best fume extraction system have a look below:

Factors to Keep in Mind when Making the Choice of a Fume Extractor

As a business owner it is important for you to find a fume extractor that does not under perform or result in more harm than good. There are some important factors that you need to consider when selecting the best fume extraction system. The factors are as follows:

Know Your Dust Control Needs

First of all you must know your dust collection needs to choose the right industrial fume extraction system. Situation may vary depending upon whether you’re into welding fume, painting industry, collecting wood chips, soybeans, or glue process; therefore, it’s important to understand how much dust you generate and how your industrial processes create that dust. You should understand all the processes in your operations. Do you generate enough dust quantity to dispose of dust multiple times a day? Quantity of dust  generated must be taken into consideration to choose your Industrial Fume Extraction System. For example, the process generates dust only under odd conditions, or is dust generated continuously during the processor? Whether the process runs for a few hours or on different intervals? Each of these factors influences the number and style of collectors you might consider.

Portability & Durability

It is always very important for business owners to look for fume extraction units that can be moved from one weld site or facility to another with great ease. However, getting a portable unit mean that the system is likely to meet dents and dings. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary for business owners to find units that have been specifically designed with the durable feature. It is necessary to find extractors that feature stainless steel cabinet structure with 100% weld seams. Durable cabinet structure and welded seams help in the prevention of leaks that serve as an enemy of fresh and clean air.

Workability & Flexiness

Majority of the weld training centres, mobile service companies and small-scale project welders are of the view that they can get the best advantages of source capture systems. But the high-end fume extraction systems are comprehensive units that come with fast-change ability. This gives welders the flexibility of transforming the system from a fume capture unit to a workable system with back or downdraft capture in-built. Flexible fume extractors are budget efficient and adaptable.


Durability and portability are one thing and performance is another. Simply because a fume extractor is portable and durable does not mean that you must make any sacrifices on the performance of the system.

Risks & Safety

Fire risks – An unmanaged fire can be dangerous and costly. Therefore, safety must be ensured by using a fume extraction system is also an important factor to consider in making the right choice.

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