How Costly Is The CAPM Certification Exam Process?

How Costly Is The CAPM Certification Exam Process?

If you desire to become a CAPM, the first query that may come to your brain is how much it will charge you. This is an easy query but the answer might be confusing. Actually, how much money you may require to invest on the CAPM certification relies on you and your experience? However, we can provide you a basic concept about the average charge to avail this certification.

If you have at the minimum 1,500 hours of project management skill, this charge is not relevant to you and you can try for the CAPM exam without being present at any training. Maybe, if you don’t have project management work skills or just passed out, you must be present at a 23 contact hours training program in project management. This is a compulsory need. If you begin searching for a CAPM 23 contact hours training program, you will discover that there are too few training givers who offer the 23 contact hours for the CAPM certification exam. Maybe, we will advise that you connect any 35 contact hours training program for the pmp pdu course certification exam and then try for the CAPM exam. If in the coming time you determine to jot down the PMP certification exam, you can utilise these 35 contacts hours to try for it.

PMI Membership fee is non-compulsory expenditure. Nevertheless, we would suggest you to connect the PMI before trying for the exam. This membership provides you massive advantages. If you are a PMI member the charge of the CAPM certification exam is 225 USD, and if not it is 300 USD. If you are unsuccessful in the exam in your first trial, you have two more trials. The re-examination fee is 150 USD for PMI members and 200 USD for non-members.

The book prices comprise of the charge of the PMP information books that you will require to study for the CAPM exam. The first book is the PMBOK instruction book. You must study this book to comprehend the project management procedure flow. Besides, the CAPM exam is depending on this instruction, so read this instruction as many times as you can. There are also diverse CAPM exam reference books obtainable in the market which will assist you to study for the examination.

The other capm cost comprises of the money that you may invest to purchase alternative materials. For instance, you can purchase flashcards, iPhone or android entreaties, formula instructions, etc. We will not provide you the price roughly calculates for this part as the alternatives are so many and you may or may not invest money here. The other prices also comprise of the charge of travelling, lodging, and food. We will also not comprise these prices as it relies on your place and your option. For instance, if live classroom training programs are not accessible in your location, you can perform an online training program and keep away the charge of travelling, lodging, and food.

The CAPM certification is for expert’s intent in developing their career in project management. Because this is an access level certificate, we do not advise you invest too much on it. Learn more about how to pass the CAPM exam, get some skill, and then apply for the PMP exam which is more worth, most considered and provides you many more advantages.

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