10 Skills Needed To Become An Architect

10 Skills Needed To Become An Architect

The London architects are famous for designing with knowledge of the past for the unknown future to yearn for timelessness.  And that too, for a historical city like London known as modern Babylon, architects are the key players.  It has many worlds’ best architectural marvels from the past and the present.  Hence to become a reputed London architect is not a simple task and needs a lot of skills. 

The essential needs of architects in London

London architects should be the members of RIBA or the Royal Institute of British Academy, a professional body with the charter granted by the UK government in 1837.   Architects in London should also be chartered town planners with training from the RTPI or the Royal Town Planning Institute.  It will help the London landowners, developers, homeowners, and others to get the best ROI for construction, conversion, renovation, residential extensions, and other works effectively.  

Ten skills needed to become an architect.

Architects should have proven skills in designing and planning strategies for many architectural activities.  Ten of such skills needed to become one of the best London architects include, among others.

  • Dedicated design skills

London architects should possess dedicated design skills to provide aesthetics on par with the historic city.  They should know the many artistic styles used in London for thousands of years, along with modern methods.  Also, one should have creative thinking, imagination, design concepts, and many others to enjoy designing as a passion.

  • Comprehensive computer skills

In this technology-driven world, it is necessary for architects to possess comprehensive computer literacy.  They should develop agility with different architectural drafting software.  Also, they can create a 3-D model using CAD software, AutoCAD, Revit, among others. 

  • Captivating communication skills

The London architects should have captivating communication skills to complete projects to the satisfaction of all concerned.  They should be able to communicate well with clients, engineers, construction workers, and all stakeholders of the project for its successful completion. 

  • Brilliant business skills

Only with brilliant business skills architects in London will market their services and get clients.  

  • Adequate analytical & reasoning skills

London architects should possess enough analytical and reasoning skills to solve any challenges during the project to complete it successfully in time.

  • Safety first skills

Architects  should put safety first while designing and planning from skyscrapers to small houses

  • Legal skills

London architects should have all the legal knowledge to know the regulations of authorities and to adhere to them to avoid any legal issues later

  • Team working skills

Since constructing buildings involves a lot of people, architects should be able to work as a team.

  • Visualizing skills

Architects should be able to visualize the need of the client with an innovative imagination to design beautiful buildings

  • Leadership skills

London architects should possess leadership skills and take responsibility for the success of the projects.

Skilled architects in London are in demand for constructing buildings as per the legacy of the historical city and other related work.

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