Creating Loyal Employees And More Money

This will surely be a debatable topic. See how I was able to become so successful by benefiting from how needy employees will be to work for you if you make it clear that they are beneath you. I realize that sounds bad, however it is the best and most concise way to achieve your goals. It is either you keep them grasping at straws, or the opposite. The decision is yours, although the right one should be clear. You must understand that I am breaking a secret oath here, a silent secret that every person in a business enterprise does but no one dares to speak about. Continue reading to learn the high price that must be paid to develop and maintain a business of 50 people or more.

Loyal Employees And More Money

Who am I?

I have my own cutting-edge company that concentrates on unusual methods such as omni-channel marketing. I came from the prosperous country of South Africa and my knowledge consists soley of what I learned from a privileged Christian high school. I never had to break my back with a boring 9 to 5 job, and additionally look down upon any idiot eager to work at McDonalds. I understood at the beginning that taking advantage of the system was the best option, thus I started my own business. Now I have more money than anyone could ever want. Cars, boats, land, houses, horses, you name it. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And not to mention once you have enough cash, it should not be hard to convince an elegant young stukkie to marry you. Truth be told, your fortune will allow you to even take advantage of your own wife or husband, assigning them mutiple key roles in the company that will not only save you lots of cash but will also encourage them that they are accomplishing something valuable with their life. Doing this will likely keep them busy and worn out, which helps prevent them from using up your hard earned dollars in the daytime but will guarantee they will be in your bed during the night.

Developing Your Credibility

Before people will apply to your company, you want to make it look like as though the company is an exciting place to be. First, list out all the stuff that you would feel could be a blast for you to include at the company’s spot. As an example, my company bears a work-out room so I can remain in shape, a squash court so I can play my favorite sport, and a packed bar so I can get my buzz on. I even have a billiards table directly outside my office. So now when I record job opportunities via the internet trying to find workers, I am able to say that the company has a bar, pool table, exercise area, etc. Regardless of whether they actually have complete access to these particular facilities is not going to actually make any difference. These things help make tremendous bullet points to distract them realizing that you will be offering these people the bare minimum of healthcare obligated by law, zero competitive wages, and hardly any vacation periods.

A different way to encourage people to work for you is to try to become involved with the media. Mentioned previously, I like to pick up Squash. In America wherein my business is, only a few folks play Squash. So what I like to do is to set up a Squash competition at the company’s private court. Once the reporters arrive, they will take my photograph as the winning competitor and use my company in the editorial. As an additional benefit, I tell the reporters that the commissions are getting donated to the neighborhood volunteer fire service (which I run, and is yet another thing to brag with regard to). Things like this will make your credibility shine. You could also try to invite local politicians to the company’s spot, or suggest to comment for news interviews. The more publicity, the better.

Employing Loyal Workers

It is considered that inexperienced, desperate and foolish make the best staff. It is the exact same reason why the military desires recruits to be as young as attainable. I never needed to go to college or university since I own my own company, but the lousy pathetic bastards that threw their money away on a college or university education now have to get a job to repay their student loan. This is the moment they will come crawling to you.

Whenever recieving resumes, you will need to try to find “willing to work long hours”. Doing work eight hours a day is what McDonalds does, and I do not want to have to constantly hire brand-new personnel. It will be less expensive to hire one employee for overtime than to hire a pair of employees to do the same task. You pretty much never have to worry about them leaving. In the event that they threaten to quit, remind them that they were employed right out of college, so they will never be competent to obtain another job without experience. You should keep them worried and make them feel stuck.

You should not ask any traditional interview questions such as “tell me a little about yourself”. They would be ready for that. You need to surprise and bewilder them. Whatever they answer, poke holes inside it. State demeaning things under your own breath as a emotional stress test. Should they be unable to put up with the interview, it will be doubtful that will work the extra hours that you will desire them to. Be alert and provide subtle tests to see if they really are enthusiastic about the company you have. The more they care about the company, the harder are going to willing to work. Should you choose to hire them, say that you will let them have a chance. This wording will make it crystal clear that they are in no position to make special demands.

Feel free to cherry-pick employees. You will be checking them out, not the other way around. It is important that you will not become sentimentally attached. It helps if you do not think of all of them as people, but more like cattle. If you think of them like people, it will cause you to become weak and will discover yourselves making compromises. Would you let your dog to call the shots in your home? Obviously not. And if your pet were to attack you, you would probably have to hit her with a magazine to put her in her place and to demonstrate to her who is boss. Always be willing to show who is superior.

For the same purpose, you on no account want to say more than a few words toward workers when passing in the hallway. Should they say hi, say hi back again. However that is it. Otherwise, you gamble seeing them as individuals, as opposed to the slaves they actually are. If this approach appears extremely harsh for you, then you are not ready to operate your own personal company.

Developing Trust

To create trust, you ought to have an open door rule. The idea is usually that whatever they want to share, they are able to tell you to your face. What they do not understand is the fact that you most likely do not value anything at all they have to say. This does not make any difference, since you only want to give the appearance of them a feeling of being safeguarded within the company so that they will stay and break their back for you. As a bonus, they are going to offer methods to enrich the business that you simply would by no means have thought of on your own. Once they offer these ideas, be sure to behave as if you are uncertain if they would be smart to use. If you agree with them quickly, you risk making them feel powerful, confident and prepared to act above you. What you should want to do is wait a few weeks, then exhibit the plan to your staff just as if the idea was your own. By then, who ever offered the suggestion would most likely overlook they said anything in the first place.

A different way to build trust is to include a Human Resources person. It is recommended that you make your HR person a relative so that they will always do everything you say and will never go with the staff. Notice I mentioned HR person rather than HR people. It is preferable not to have an actual HR department that will be capable of negotiate such things as a salary increase or longer vacation days. What you should want is someone that will alert you for when your workforce are plotting mutiny, but in any other case will take no action. Just remember, you want to be the one in power, not the other way around. Otherwise, what is the point of being the boss?

Forcing Them To Finish Their Work

Given that you know the best way to handle specific situations, now you need to be sure that they actually do the job. If staff loathe their job, they will take numerous breaks just to get away from it. To avoid this, be sure to make use of time tracking application with a pop-up timer to make sure they realize that they are being timed. And of course, create a time limit if possible. This will likely make them so worried to even take a bath room break that they will wet their pants just to do extra work for you.

But what about lunch? They must spend some time to take a bite right? Nope! They can eat at their workspace. Make it a rule. But then you will have the drawback of them abandoning the workplace to pick up food or, a whole lot worse, having food deliveries to the company. To avoid all this, provide free sandwich catering for the entire office during lunch time. To all of them it seems like a perk, yet to you it ensures that they never need to leave the room apart from to grab their sandwich slice from the kitchen. Strangely enough, they will believe that you are a pretty cool bloke for giving them food. It is going to not cost very much money neither, because deli meats and bread cost very little. You do not have to worry about consuming this junk yourself, since lunch is an opportune time for you to leave the office and attract clientele by treating them to a free meal while pitching your products or services.

Avoiding Overpaying

After a few years, your staff are going to want more money, a promotion, or both. A promotion would mean having upper management, another degree of workers that you need to pay. The best approach is to fire them. Remember what I said about keeping them poor and stupid? Keep the fresh meat in, and the terrible meat away. After a couple of years, they are going to realize that you have been stretching them thin and will consider departing from the business anyway. Thus do them a favor and make them leave before they might warn the rest of the employees. If you think this seems mean, think about the alternative of having to pay your staff members more money. How will you manage to win job bids? This could mean the difference between making or breaking your enterprise.

In Conclusion

I know plenty of this sounds nuts. Trust me, it is all cool. This method is necessary or else I would not have recommended it. Ensure that you squeeze each and every minor resource out of every person continuously. As an example, for those who have an app, have your programmers generate optimistic reviews for the product. Be sure to take a poke at my tips if you are serious about your career and need to make serious crown.