Enjoy Flawless Business Operations With Commercial Epc’s By Green Zone Surveys!

Considering the value of energy efficiency in commercial as well as domestic buildings, the EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates) have been introduced as an energy efficiency measure. By choosing commercial EPC’s by Green Zone Surveys, several businesses have made their commercial buildings energy efficient. EPCs are not just supporting commercial buildings, but also to domestic buildings by controlling the emissions of carbon dioxide in a building. So, what exactly commercial EPC’s by Green Zone Surveys involves, here we are going to highlight all aspects of EPC and how they are different from domestic EPC and much more.


Commercial EPC’s By Green Zone Surveys-

The main purpose of commercial EPC’s by Green Zone Surveys is to make a building energy efficient by improving its energy efficiency and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide. The EPC for commercial buildings is managed and awarded by a proficient NDEA (Non Domestic Energy Assessor). For commercial EPC, the company conducts a thorough check for various dimensions of a building, mechanical fittings, fabrics, electrical and much more. With this certificate, the building is given appropriate rating for energy efficiency along with a report for recommended measures to follow on. These measures are meant to enhance the energy efficiency for commercial buildings. These ratings go by A – G in which A is for the highest energy efficiency and G stands for the least rating.

Difference between Commercial EPC & Domestic EPC-

On the contrary to a domestic EPC, the commercial one is more intensive and is performed by highly qualified NDEA. Commercial EPC is greatly complicated because commercial buildings like factories, warehouses could consist to multiple segments in a premises to perform varied functions. In addition, in a selling store, the area and sections are different and so do in a hotel. Ultimately, the commercial inspection is not that easy as that of domestic and it takes more time to conduct the whole operation. Following are various steps involved in commercial EPC:

  • Commercial building evaluation & observing various dimensions and orientation to check different sorts of energy consumption.
  • Taking up imagery proofs for varied features in a commercial building
  • Take up thorough measurements for ceiling, wall and floor
  • Checking lighting of each room in a building
  • Checking the heating as well as cooling type available in a room.
  • Making a note for ventilation facility in the premises and each room.

In addition to these steps, commercial EPC involves many other things to conduct the whole survey properly and award a company for energy efficiency. Once the whole data is gathered, the commercial EPC is being processed with SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model Interface) – a software that calculates the rating of energy efficiency.

As commercial EPC is too complex, involving various stages and elements, there is no fixed pricing for the surveys; however, when you choose commercial EPC’s by Green Zone Surveys, you get quality energy efficiency surveys at reasonable cost. As of now, Green Zone Surveys have completed many surveys for multiple commercial buildings in the UK and for quality output, they are becoming the best company nationwide.