Find Out How Your Business Can Reach Thousands Of Customers

Find Out How Your Business Can Reach Thousands Of Customers

Whatever type of business you run, the more customers, the better profit margin.  Many businesses spend thousands of pounds every year on local advertising campaigns; some are successful, while some are not.  The key to success is finding local advertising that works.

Running an advertising campaign on fuel pumps

Why not think outside the box by using the concept of nozzle advertising?  Reputable online firms have an exclusive UK licence for petrol pump advertising at prestigious sites:-

  1. Supermarkets -Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons
  2. Roadside – BP, Esso, Texaco, Murco, Jet and others
  3. Motorways – Moto, Welcome Break and Road Chef

To create attention with petrol nozzle advertising is a great idea.  It offers a really unique place to advertise with maximum guaranteed visual connection from every fuel buyer, beat that. Nozzle advertising is a smart way of getting your business name and message in front of the locals, no problem.

Running an advertising campaign on fuel pumps

Let’s be honest, did you ever consider or know about running an appetising campaign on fuel pumps, doubt it.  It’s too good a marketing and advertising campaign opportunity to miss, especially when you are buying the following five certainties:-

  1. Potential customers will hold your advert in their hand for an average of 2 to 3 minutes
  2. Your advert will be seen for 52 seconds per average fill-up
  3. Great offers create attention and interest
  4. They can’t miss it
  5. You will be told how many people see your advert

When you think that on average, 48,000 people at a supermarket fuel pump and 16,000 at a local roadside petrol station every four weeks will see your advert, it blows your mind.

Effective advertising

There’s no doubt about it, effective advertising can make or break a business.  The problem is how do you know you’re investing the right amount in the best channels?  It’s often a hard line to divide; spending too much or too little can affect your bottom line.  You need to find ways of how to make your advertising campaign more effective.  Check out, handy hints, tips and advice that cover:-

  • What does marketing mean for your business?
  • How could advertising help to grow your business?
  • How to track the success of your local advertising?
  • How do I choose the right advertising medium?
  • How can you ensure that your business stands out locally?

Take the first steps to effective local advertising by downloading helpful guides; they hold the key to success.

Site finder

OK, you’re not 100% sure that fuel nozzle advertising will work for your business, may be you’re a little apprehensive.  Why don’t you see how many local customers you can reach via an online site finder?

 All you have to do is enter your postcode into a site finder and press the search button.  This will provide you with the number petrol station locations in your area where you can advertise and reach local customers.

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