How To Find A Job

How To Find A Job

Identify exactly who your customers are and try to promote yourself primarily in their environment.Hire Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs – QuiGig       says you should not allow yourself to invest time and money for a notoriety among people who are not your target market. Go ahead and go straight to them. You can resist having extremely precise and extremely effective marketing. Your customers probably have clubs, associations, go to certain events, or they can be grouped in online networks like Facebook or LinkedIn. As a strategy, the first thing is to listen exactly to see the situation, then appreciate them, discuss with them, and come up with a plus value and always the most important resources, solutions and support. If you cannot add value to your field of discussions, you better run away from the job. This scheme is valid for both open meetings, your blog or online networks. Steps must be followed in the order given. More info here.

Avoid the multiple expertise trap

You will lose value if you try to meet customer needs like a company. You will not be able to do that excellent. You will never be a brilliant mechanic, a good trainer and an exceptional designer. By choosing a multiple approach, customers will find it difficult to find you. There must be one domain and one word to represent you. If you are asked to do something in several areas where you do not excel, you better refuse, it’s the only way to keep your brand intact. If you do not deal with administrative problems, you can get a secretary to help you, but no more. If you have a client network that you think you can efficiently use, it might be better to start a business and get around with people at least as good as you.

Be serious!

Maybe somehow it is understood from the above tips, but I wanted to make sure by bringing this issue separately. The fact that you do not have bosses or employees to account to means you have customers. You will make it only if you are serious and can be reliable. Always do what you promised to do, do not promise more than you can, do not let go of the quality, go to meetings at set times, give the best of you. Every client is unique, respect him and meet his needs. Be discreet and do not tell other clients or know the problems you found in x or Y. Do not become arrogant,don’t judge the customers, and if you can, help them. Do not compete with other freelancers, come first and compete with you and try to self-indulge each time surpassing customer expectations.

The above tips are not limitative. There are also others, I have chosen those that I have considered important. The list of advantages and disadvantages can also be extended. Some people become freelancers because that status fits them. Others choose this status out of need, perhaps because they were fired or have resigned. There are others who have chosen this role because they did not want to deal with the burden of running a business. Whatever the way, what is important is that when you become afreelancer, you should stay on top of your game.

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