Interested In Being A Graphic Or Web Designer? What Skills Do You Need?

The Internet is becoming more and more integrated in everyday life. Virtually every activity—interacting with co-workers, finding a restaurant, using GPS to get somewhere, etc.—involves the Internet. For this reason, web literacy is becoming more and more important.

Being A Graphic Or Web Designer

Over the years, the world has seen a boom in web and graphic designers. The constant evolution of software has allowed these jobs to be more accessible (read: easier). Gone are the days of complicated and fussy software. If you have a knack for design and aesthetic, graphic and web design may be the right job (or hobby) for you.

Here are some of the things you need to know in order to unleash your inner artist.

Graphic Design vs. Web Design

Although the two fields are closely related, they have their fundamental differences. As their names imply, a graphic designer is concerned with graphics and a web designer is concerned with websites. More specifically, graphic designers work on images, logos, posters, packaging, embroidery digitizing service and other visuals, whereas web designers take care of all aspects of the website from design to performance to content. In addition, web designers do activities like browser testing.

To sum up their differences: graphic designers are more artistic while web designers are more technical.

What Tools Does Each Field Use?

The primary tool graphic designers use is Adobe Photoshop. Through Photoshop, they create materials used for marketing, web graphics, infographics, and the like. The software is fairly basic and easy to understand. Although coding knowledge is a huge plus, it isn’t necessary for the job.

On the other hand, web designers make use of different coding languages to create. These coding languages include JavaScript, PHP. CSS, HTML, among others. They use coding languages to create web sites and web based apps. The more languages a web designer understands, the more he or she is able to do with a website. Web designers also use a host of other software like Perfecto Mobile, which test the functionality and performance of websites and web-based apps.

However, web designers should not be confused with web developers. The main difference is web designers are primarily focused on design, while web developers are focused on functionality.

Which Should I Choose?

The correct answer isn’t the same for all people. Your choice should depend on your interests and skillset. Typically, people who choose graphic design should be artistic and should be able to communicate their ideas via imagery. People who choose web design should have an understanding of the different web languages and possess some degree of artistry.

It’s a classic argument between art and design. While the two are often confused, they are different in many respects. Art is expressed through aesthetics while design is expressed through functionality. (Although it is important to note that art and design are not mutually exclusive).

Today’s software makes it possible to navigate technology with ease. If you’re looking to get into graphic or web design, there is more than enough knowledge on the Internet to get you started. The best time to start is always now!