Six Business Areas Once Dominated By Men Where Women Have Excelled

Certain industries used to be dominated by men, and women who tried to enter these sectors of the workforce were often discouraged from doing so. In modern times, however, some of these industries have provided more opportunities for women, many of whom have excelled in ways that were once thought to be impossible. Here are a few of the industries where women have now become leaders.

Six Business Areas Once Dominated By Men Where Women Have Excelled


Even well into the 20th century, most doctors and other medical professionals were men. Women who worked in health care usually only took jobs as nurses. More women have chosen to go to medical school in recent years and have earned the necessary credentials to become physicians, surgeons and specialists. Women have especially made significant contributions to the fields of neurology, anesthesiology and neonatology. Notable names in this industry include Elizabeth Blackwell, Monique Frize and Anandibai Joshee.


Some early female pioneers in chemistry were bold enough to go through the arduous schooling needed to become bona fide chemists and turn this page in history. Women like Jacqueline Barton, Carolyn Bertozzi and Joan Berkowitz made significant contributions to DNA studies, artificial bone development and environmental management.


Some of the most prominent attorneys in the United States are now women. Gloria Allred, Marcia Clark and even Hillary Clinton are just a few of the famous women who became successful in the legal field. Some of the leading female attorneys have represented clients in landmark cases regarding civil rights, criminal defense and child advocacy. There are also women who have taken roles as legal experts on TV shows and in other forms of media.


Even though some of the top political offices in the United States are still male-dominated, female politicians have risen in the ranks in recent years. Some women have been elected as mayors, senators and governors. Women like Mary Hayashi have also managed to win positions in state legislation. There are even women who have been appointed to the House of Representatives and sought the offices of U.S. President and Vice President.

Outer Space Exploration

There are many women who are also becoming successful astronauts. Certain female astronauts have traveled to space stations to perform essential duties and been sent on other extensive missions. In 1999, Eileen Collins became the first woman to be designated as the commander of a spacecraft.


Even mathematicians have generally thought to be only male. However, some of the most important discoveries in mathematics were uncovered by women. Ada Lovelace’s vast knowledge of mathematics helped Charles Babbage come up with the earliest form of a computer. Emmy No-ether was a German mathematician born in the 1800s who made significant discovers in algebra and ring theory.

Women are expected to continue making advancements in industries that are thought to be male-only as society progresses. The earliest pioneers in some of these industries were able to prove that women have the capacity to make positive contributions that can benefit everyone.