Is A Career In Retail Right For You?

Do you enjoy working with a wide variety of people? Have you got great interpersonal skills along with a willingness to help others? Do you want to work in a thriving, fast-paced industry where no two days are ever the same? If the answer is yes, then a career in retail could be right for you.

Career In Retail

A retail career is not just about greeting customers, serving on the tills or stacking shelves. From IT and personnel to marketing and buying, there is a hive of activity behind the scenes that the customer is unaware of.

Advantages of a Retail Career

There are plenty of jobs available. Despite the gloomy economy, many sectors of retail industry continue to thrive, making it fairly easy to find work if you know where to look, even if you don’t have experience. Most retailers hire seasonal staff around Christmas and you may even find a Saturday job while you are still studying. Not only will it give you an income, but you’ll also have an opportunity to see if retail is the right career for you. You won’t necessarily require formal qualifications either.

You Can Quickly Develop Your Management Skills

Retail is a great place to develop your management skills and if you have the right attributes, it is possible to climb the career ladder much earlier than in other industries. Many retailers offer graduate training schemes in various disciplines, although if you demonstrate strong leadership skills, you may be able to work your way up to a managerial position without a degree. If you are seeking a career in retail there are a number of retail recruitment agencies which can assist you with your search.

Disadvantages of a Retail Career

You might have to deal with long hours and unpredictable working environment. The retail industry can be difficult. Should sales fall, the store may be forced to make cutbacks which could ultimately affect your job security. Working in retail can also involve long and unsocial hours and you may be required to work on weekends and bank holidays.

During busy periods such as the run-up to Christmas or the summer sales, you may find yourself under extreme pressure. If you are the kind of person who falls apart in this kind of environment, it might be better to choose a career away from the shop floor.

Problems with Customers

Although most people are pleasant, there will come a time when you have to deal with difficult customers. Faced with rude or demanding customers, it will be your job to put on a professional face and remain polite at all times.

Although there are disadvantages to pursuing a career in retail, there are many advantages. A job in retail provides many opportunities. You will receive a competitive salary with good benefits and chances to progress. The work is fast-paced, fun and you’ll get to meet people from all walks of life.

Whether you’re on the checkout, greeting and serving customers or behind the scenes in a support capacity, retail can provide a wealth of opportunities whatever your individual strengths and interests.