What Kind Of Job Or Salary You Can Expect With PMP Certification

What Kind Of Job Or Salary You Can Expect With PMP Certification

Many aspiring project managers World Health Organization unit of measuring considering obtaining certified raise themselves, “Can I get employment with the PMP Certification?”. PMP demonstrates the expertise, education, talent, and talent needed to steer and direct comes. PMP is that the foremost needed certification administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. 

PMP causes you to any educated as a Project Manager on the only thanks to handling a project. it’s reaching to open the door of opportunities, however, you continue to can have to be compelled to watch the door yourself. PMP doesn’t guarantee performance. It entirely guarantees that you simply just debatable and presently you bought to perform by applying that knowledge at work. 

After obtaining PMP certified, you may expect a heap of sturdy role (maybe promotion unit of measurement on the brink of being quicker than otherwise) among the current organization, higher payment if on the brink of shift and additionally if you’d opt to alter your profile among the long-run – this might be the beginning step.

Some of the PMI’s key findings are:

  • Project managers United Nations agency earn their PMP get pleasure from a giant advantage in terms of pay and earning potential.
  • PMI study collected pay from thirty 3,000 respondents and set that PMP certified managers produce twenty third quite their counterparts across thirty-seven countries.
  • seventy-two of respondents reportable that their salaries exaggerated at intervals twelve months once being certified.
  • PMP certified project managers produce a median of $10,000 quite people who are not certified.
  • In an exceeding shell, the longer you keep the PMP loads of your pay can increase.

How to use your PMP to increase your payment.

  • Work PMI terminologies into your resume.
  • Use the PMI credentials on your resume, Linkedin, Business cards, etc.
  • Be ready to speak regarding but you managed your comes successfully practice PMI’s framework

Studies show that the medium payment of a PMP certified project manager across utterly different countries like the U.S. is determinable to be $112,000 every year whereas in Canada is $98,000 every year.

The salary you will be ready to expect as a PMP certified project manager in the Republic of India.

If you are Associate in Nursing IT skillful finding out a elevate in your career or among the eighty percent of India’s youth United Nations agency draw a bead on to become Associate in Nursing engineer, getting a Project Management certification will be price considering.

Certifications like PMP, offered by the Project Management Institute, give you a footing once it involves pay and earning potential, keep with PMI’s ‘Earning Power: Project Management pay Survey. Those with such a certification get a mean twenty percent higher pay than those whereas not one, says the survey. 

The report put together suggests that project management experience contains a key impact on salaries globally. The median pay varies for those merely starting to enter project management and other people United Nations agency area unit at intervals the sphere for twenty years is ₹14 integer to ₹31 integers.

The data show that merely twelve percent of ladies have PMP certification, and there is a vast gap at intervals the pay ranges for men and ladies. the common pay cash for men ranges between ₹6,59,179 and ₹21,73,384, whereas, women earn between women,60,107 and ₹17,54,870.

Some trendy employers for qualified project managers unit of measurement IBM, Infosys, Accenture, Tata follow Services, HCL Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, and Wipro Technologies. Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and metropolis unit of measurement the most well-liked destinations for such professionals. The ninth edition of the PMI report depends on self-reported pay data from over twenty-six,000 project management professionals from thirty-four countries. a whole of 1,197 professionals from the Republic of India participated at intervals the study.

PMP- Project Management skillful certification is unbelievably necessary to project managers. You will be ready to understand the PMP salary increase, the worth involved, edges every tangible and intangible from PMP Certification.

The Figures from the ninth edition of ‘Earning Power’- regular payment survey from PMI.

Country Industry Median PMP Salary
Australia Agriculture/Mining $166,000
Australia Financial Services and Consulting industry $ 150,000
United States Pharmaceuticals $125,000
United States Agriculture/Mining, Consulting $120,000
Canada Agriculture/Mining $115,000
Canada Utilities $110,000
India Agriculture/Mining, Healthcare INR 1800,000
India Telecommunication, Engineering INR 1700,000


The importance of PMP is being recognized in mere concerning any business. The very best sensible factor concerning hiring the PMP certified managers is that the on-time completion of the project with outstanding profit and client satisfaction. The planet demand for project managers with Project Management skillful -PMP certification is increasing fast as a result of this qualification adds extra values to their skills and competencies. Today, PMP certification has become a necessity for the project managers with dreams of exponential growth as a result of it brightens the prospects of getting higher subsequent wages with a higher job profile.

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