Flexible Golf Membership

Flexible golf membership is an innovative and, as the title suggests, flexible concept that allows golfers to enjoy traditional membership of their chosen ‘home’ club whilst, within the membership cost, having the opportunity to play other, selected, golfing venues throughout the UK.

Flexible Golf Membership

The online company, PlayMoreGolf, provides a classic, and successful, example of this idea in action. Membership fees start from under £350 per annum; this package will allow the member up to 50 rounds of golf at various venues whilst offering full traditional membership to the selected ‘home’ golf club.

Benefits of flexible golf membership

The benefits of becoming a flexible golf member make the scheme virtually irresistible to the average insatiable golfer.

It should be noted that, members’ will retain the full membership benefits offered by their chosen ‘home’ club. The overall benefits of the scheme will usually include:

  • Full 12 month ‘home’ membership
  • Access to the ‘home’ golf course 7 days a week
  • The option to invite friends to play; usually up to three per visit.
  • The chance to be given, and improve upon, a ‘handicap’.
  • Participation in club events and competitions.
  • Priority bookings, be that for rounds of golf, meals or competition registration.
  • Plus, perhaps, discounts on club shop purchases and refreshments.
  • A unique opportunity to play at, and partake of the hospitality offered by, other clubs in the UK …AT NO EXTRA COST! This really is a most attractive feature of the scheme.

Ask your membership provider to explain the detail; a good online provider will have either a slick helpline or email response. Their website will be clearly stated and easy to follow; signing up will not be a chore.

How exactly does flexible membership work?

The whole scheme is wonderfully innovative and uncomplicated.

As we’ve seen, flexible golf membership involves a fee that:

  1. Allows a member to play at his or her selected ‘home’ club whilst retaining all membership benefits, plus
  2. Allows that member to visit and play at a number of other clubs throughout the UK

The terms and conditions may vary according to the precise deal offered. The number of games available to each member will vary from package to package.

This begs the question, how is it all monitored and controlled?

The answer is, members are allocated a number of ‘points’ commensurate to the deal agreed. Membership packages vary according to the member’s requirements; more points mean more rounds of golf.

Points are the currency allocated for ‘away’ games.    

The points system is flexible, more points can be purchased at any given time within the 12 month duration of membership.

In conclusion

The benefits of flexible golf membership are plain for all to see. Not only does a member have all the benefits of being a traditional club member, but, he or she, will also have the opportunity to partake in the hospitality and the challenge of other courses; paying special attention, of course, to the ambiance of the nineteenth-hole’s refreshment facility.